Q: Where do we stay and what do we eat while on the Course?

A: On the course you’ll be camping each night in a variety of pre scouted locations that are comfortable, private and very scenic.  The camps are set up to form a wonderful community atmosphere, with the tents and hammocks sequestered away from the noise and bustle of the kitchen, dinning and social areas.

All meals are set up in a comfortable dining environment, with tables and chairs as well as a covered tent if needed.  The kitchen (a complex of portable stoves, heaters, prep areas and cooks) provides a movable feast, serving plenty of delicious hot food, fresh local fruit and vegetables, great snacks, and lots of liquids to replenish you.  We typically camp in areas where we have access to local bathroom and shower facilities or we create our own environmentally responsible and clean privies and outdoor showers.  There is a lively social atmosphere every night including a slideshow of the day’s run as well as a race briefing of the next day’s course highlights. We will also try to work in presentations by locals who can describe the course terrain as well as the flora and fauna you will experience each day.  Sometimes, we even have local vendors that will set up stands selling local food and goods.  Massages are also available along with any medical assistance.

Q: Where will we camp?

A: Camps are typically located on a town soccer field, a sprawling private property or a beautiful secluded beach.

Q: Do we have to bring our own tent or are tents provided?

A: Yes, you should bring your own tent.

Q: Should we bring tents or hammocks or both?

A: This is the Rainforest and we will be running and camping within it or along its fringes so you may bring a hammock but make sure it has a rain fly (many recommend Hennessey Hammocks) If you bring a tent, you will also need a rain fly and a ground tarp.  Depending on the daily camp location, the terrain and weather you may opt to either use a tent or a hammock – as racers have done in the past.  A good way to insure that you and your belongings stay dry is to take advantage of our (new for 2009) Tent Option.

Q: What are the meals like?

A: Delicious and Plentiful!  Every morning you will awaken to the smell of a savory hot breakfast served with fresh local fruit and juices as well as plenty of piping hot Costa Rican coffee.  During the day and right after the race you can find plenty of fruit and snack food to replenish you until dinner which consists of a multi-course hot entrées along with fresh salad, local fruit, more liquids and coffee as well as several options for your sweet tooth.

Q: Will there be menu options for vegetarians?

A: Yes, but you must notify us by email of your dietary needs when you register. We will try to work with you and accommodate your diet as much as possible. A vegan diet is a bit more complicated so we suggest you work closely with our nutritionist and head chef in advance.

Q: Is there food on the Course?

A: Yes, we provide aid stations at regular intervals on the course which have plenty of water, electrolyte, fresh local fruit, and race type snack food.

Q: What is the typical weather at the places we camp?

A: For the Rainforest Run you can expect warm weather, sometimes humid, sometimes balmy and sometimes windy depending on coastal weather systems. You can also expect short bursts of cyclical rain, mostly in the late afternoon or evenings as we get closer to the Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park.

Q: Will there be power for charging batteries for my camera, race watch, lap top etc?

A: Yes

Q: Will there be Internet access at camp?

A: At 2 or 3 camp locations you will be able to get internet via phone signal.

Q: What types of stores (if any) will be located around the start/finish areas to purchase anything we’d potentially need or forget to bring?

A: You may see small markets on route or in towns that have many basic items. Larger stores are located in San Jose