gear and kit

STAGE 6  2012TCC   20692

Mandatory Race Gear List:

on route

Hydration System (2 handhelds or Camelbak – must be able to leave each aid station with at least 2 liters of water)

Energy Food – bring additional food/bars/supplements to carry with you on route.

Electrolyte Replacements (consider what you like on a long day’s run or try bringing Cliff Shot Blocks, Bars and Gels for fuel, Nuun tablets and S!Caps)

Emergency Whistle




(Transported by race management)


Head Lamp or flashlight 

*** 3′ x 2″ nation flag patches  or larger to be stitched or heat pressed to your running shirt or shorts. These must be visible on all race clothing*** (contact with any questions about this)

1 x 24 Gallon Rubbermaid Action Packer (or equivalent storage in soft bag)


Recommended Race and Camping Gear List:

(Transported by race management)

Sleeping Bag

Small medical kit with extra bandages/foot supplies

Travel Sheet/Travel Towel

Extra set of running shoes

Set of sandals or flip-flops for campv

Extra Energy Food

Salt tablets

Water purification tablets

Race Clothing

Casual Clothing

Mosquito Netting or mosquito repellent

Foam/Air Mattress

Ear Plugs for sleeping